Amrapali Group



The present activities of the Amrapali Infrastructure (P) Ltd. are encompassing the following areas:

Leasing of construction equipments

The company procure various construction equipments (both stationery and wheel mounted), RMC batching plants and lease the same to various companies engaged in construction activities. This division manage purchasing, deployment, servicing, procurement of Spare parts, recruitment of manpower for easy operation (24 x 7).

Operation of RMC batching plants

Amrapali -Operation of RMCThe company procure and install RMC batching plants at various construction sites and operate the same for production of various grades of Ready Mix Concrete as per requirements of clients.


Fabrication of scaffolding accessories

Amrapali - FabricationThe company is engaged in fabrication of ledgers, props jack, Base jack, Joint Pin and other accessories used for erection of scaffolding structures and renting them to various clients.

Scaffolding is a temporary platform constructed for reaching heights above arm’s reach for the purpose of building construction, maintenance, or repair. Scaffolding is generally made of lumber and steel and can range from simple to complex in design, depending on its use and purpose. Millions of construction workers, painters, and building maintenance crews work on scaffolding every day, and due to the nature of its use, scaffolding must be properly constructed and used to ensure the safety of those who use it.


Precast Concrete

The company has entered in the infrastructure development sector in the country through direct involvement as well as through back-end integration through development of products and services for development of infrastructure in the country.

The company has set up it’s own precast factory at Kasana, Greater Noida, which is now Asia's largest and modern precast unit. The factory is spread across 25 Acres of land and is going to have largest production capacity with 50 lac sq. ft. per year in India amongst the precast factories existing till date. By using this technology the quantity and the quality of our product will be enhanced in a big way and we shall also be able to deliver the projects well within the stipulated time frame.

This technology consists of custom – designed precast concrete components like roof slabs, beams, columns, wall panels etc. and offers flexibility in shape and size with a variety of surface finishes and colors. This technology promises us a world of creative possibilities in application and design which is offering an abundance of choice for the architects and engineers to create buildings unique in character and of exceptionally high quality. These components are manufactured / casted in strictly controlled environment with state of the art machineries and are erected at site with the help of tower cranes. The components are then joined to each other as per specification with grouts and screed to provide monolith city, rigidity and requisite strength to the structure.