Amrapali Group



We Amrapali Group as a real estate developer had foreseen the situation of tackling labour crunch and time delays in projects 2 years back. In order to tackle these issues from a grass root level, we had taken decision to set up our own precast factory at Kasna, Greater Noida, which is now Asia's largest and modern precast unit. The factory is spread across 25 Acres of land and is going to have largest production capacity with 50 lac sq. ft. per year in India amongst the Precast factories existing till date. By using this technology the quantity and the quality of our product will be enhanced in a big way and we shall also be able to deliver the projects well within the stipulated time frame.

This technology have been incorporated initially in two of our mega projects named Amrapali Verona Heights and Amrapali Dream Valley at Greater Noida-West, which consists of custom – designed precast concrete components like roof slabs, beams, columns, wall panels etc. and offers flexibility in shape and size with a variety of surface finishes and colors. This technology promises us a world of creative possibilities in application and design which is offering an abundance of choice for the architects and engineers to create buildings unique in character and of exceptionally high quality. These components are manufactured / casted in strictly controlled environment with state of the art machineries and are erected at site with the help of tower cranes. The components are then joined to each other as per specification with grouts and screed to provide monolithicity, rigidity and requisite strength to the structure.

Amrapali Group did extensive research on the technology and its suitability in Indian context and we found that this technology precast concrete can contribute to sustainable Design in many ways. It is versatile and durable material, produced in a factory by highly trained personal with virtually no waste, under stringent quality control measures. All Precast elements can be quickly erected on the job site with minimal disruption to the site and precast thermal mass can save energy and increase comfort.

The technology / system is very versatile and is equally efficient / suitable for all types of construction may it be high rise, low rise villas commercial, parking lots etc. Major reasons and Advantages to adopt this Technology are Structural stability, Speedy and quality construction, Flexibility, Wastage control and Less manpower requirement. Other than this the strength of this technology is, Low maintenance, Seismic resistant, Quick turnover of money and universal applications.